Our Mission

At long last my journey through life has brought me to where I think I should be, not everybody’s cup of tea, I grant you but it works well for me.  I am, of course, referring to being an Approved Driving Instructor.

The main reason I like doing this for a living is simply as it gets me out and about.  I really do not like being stuck in one place from 8am to 5pm and I get to meet a varied range of pupils, genders and nationalities – there are never two alike.  They kindly invite me into part of their lives ……. meaning their ambitions, hobbies and so on as the lessons progress.
The second reason I love being a Driving Instructor is because I enjoy helping people and teaching pupils a life skill is simply great as is seeing their delight after all their hard work when they pass!  It’s sad to say goodbye sometimes even though many do still keep in touch with me.
About me then, having been driving for over thirty years (ouch!), I’ve noticed much of the driving standards on today’s busy roads have become very poor and seems to get worse!  I guess I cannot fix all the road problems in today’s world, however, I can contribute towards putting good quality, safe drivers on the road and equip them with life saving skills which will inevitably help when encountering poor driving.
My mission is to give everyone 100%.  Some will naturally take 100%, some will get close and some may even fall short but as long as I know in my heart I have done everything possible for them and left no stone unturned, I can sleep happy at night.  To summarise, I teach people how to drive safe and understand the problems of not doing so.  As a result, they will pass their test, however, I am not here to just simply teach them what they need to know to pass a driving test – my pupils will pass it naturally because they have been taught to a very high standard.
Qualities That Set Me Apart From An Average Driving School
  • Nervous, shy pupils and learning difficulties a speciality
  • All ages and genders welcome
  • Friendly, patient and reliable
  • No car sharing
  • Driving skills improvement including motorway
  • Enjoyable and fun lessons
Remember, this is a life skill that is being taught.  You will be driving your family, friends and loved ones around so it is critical you can keep yourself and everyone else safe at all times!

“Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible”

Thank you for your interest.
Each day begins with new hope – make today a day filled with a commitment to excellence
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