Moving Off

Moving Off – Lesson 2

Moving Off – Lesson 2

To move off safely, you must do so without creating a hazard to other road users therefore when moving off you must avoid causing anyone to change their speed or direction because of your actions.  It is safer to move off from the left as we drive on the left hand side of the road so you won’t have to cut across oncoming traffic.  On your driving test you may be required to pull up somewhere convenient on your left and on the right hand side of the road and move off again when clear, moving off safely and in full control of your vehicle.

To move off safely, follow the Prepare Observation Move (POM) routines explained below:

Press clutch pedal all the way down
Select first gear
Set gas (press accelerator slightly)
Slowly raise clutch pedal to biting point and hold feet still

Check your interior mirror and then right hand door mirror
Look over your right shoulder to cover blind spots – blind spots are what the mirrors do not see

Consider a signal – apply when other people would benefit
Release handbrake
Slowly raise clutch pedal keeping on gas / accelerator
Steer to your normal driving position
Cancel signal

A simple illustration showing a basic Moving Off and Stopping procedure to compliment our written lesson

15 moving off pics
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