Emerging - Lesson 4

Emerging – Lesson 4

This will mainly be when you are leaving a minor road to turn left, join a main road to turn left or right or

possibly needing to cross a main road ahead at crossroads.  Where the junction is not light controlled, you

will have either ‘Give Way’ markings or a ‘Stop’ sign.

Warning Signs

Look out for advance warning signs.  Where there is a ‘Give Way’ sign, you must give way to traffic on the

main road.  If on approach, you can clearly see it is safe to emerge then you can do so without stopping.  If

in doubt, don’t pull out!  Where there is a ‘Stop’ sign, you must completely stop at the line to ensure safety –

we recommend apply hand brake.

Emerging At T-Junctions


Check interior / left door mirror if turning left and check interior / right door mirror for turning right.


Signal left or right.


For a standard left turn, keep to the left and follow the kerb around using your normal reference of one

 metre from the kerb unless road conditions dictate otherwise.  If turning right, position to the centre of

 the road.  We will be able to help you with reference points.


Approach slowly enough to allow you to stop smoothly if it is not clear to go.  If the ‘Give Way’ sign is open

enough that you can clearly see early on the approach that it is safe to emerge then generally approach in

second gear.  You will find that most T-junctions need to be approached very slowly to allow you enough

time to check properly when clear to emerge therefore you should select first gear.  You must stop where a

 junction has a ‘Stop’ sign.


Look out for pedestrians who may be wanting to cross.  Check on the main road to your right, to your left

 and back again to your right to double check it is clear.  Look out for parked cars which may move off as

  you emerge.  Cyclists and motorcyclists can be hard to spot so keep reassessing both ways if busy.  

  Wherever possible and time permitting, think to look over, under and through parked vehicles.  We will give

   you plenty of guidance.

 simple illustrations showing a basic Emerge Left, Emerge Right, Closed Emerge

procedure to compliment our written lesson

27 left emerge pics
31 right emerge pics
33 closed emerge pics
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