Provisional Licence

Before you can apply for a provisional driving licence, the first thing you need is to be 17. That’s the minimum age to drive on the road in the UK. If you’re claiming mobility allowance, then you apply at the age of 16 for your provisional driving licence but this is the only exception.

As of the 31st of October 2014, the Licence fee has fallen from £50 to £34 for online applications. Postal applications are now £43.

(Fees are a guide price only)

Assuming you fulfil that requirement, the only other thing you need is proof of your identity.

Provisional Driving Licence Application

The form you need is Form D1, just ask at your local post office and they should be able to give you one. Alternatively, you can request the form online at the DVLA website.

Proving Your Identity

As well as filling in the form, you’ll need to show that you are a real person. This means providing the DVLA (the government department that approves license applications) with some documentation.

The following documentation is accepted by DVLA as confirmation of your identity. You will have to send the original. Do Not send photocopies as you will be wasting your time and will have to reapply.

• Full valid passport
• Birth certificate
• Certificate of Registry of Birth (Provided your name is present on the certificate)
• Adoption certificate
• ID Card issued by a member state of the EC/EEA
• Travel Documents issued by the Home Office
• Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration

If your name is now different from that shown on the document you submit to confirm your identity, you must also supply original documentary evidence to confirm your change of