Get ready for your driving test

Passing your driving test gives you independence and freedom. But taking your test too early could lead to a failed test, disappointment, and potentially delays to you getting on the road. Please look at the link below which will take you to all the latest information from the DVSA

Fantastic information from the DVSA on everything you need to know from finding a driving instructor to passing your practical driving test 1st time.

just click the link below

Image supplied by Pixabay thank you.

Rural Driving 60 MPH

60 MPH roads into 30 MPH Bikers overtaking.

It is very important when learning to drive that you get as much driving experience as possible some road experience will be out of our control due to the different seasons.

But no matter what season you are having your lessons in we will do everything we can to ensure you experience as many driving situations as you can. These videos will also help you with HAZARDS as they occur in daily real life.