Booking Your Practical Driving Tets

Booking Your Practical Driving Tets

The practical driving test is being re-arranged all the time plus there are people booking in the test as quickly as they can which is understandable it is important to ensure you have enough time to practice prior to your driving test this is advice from the DVSA to ensure pupils are at a standard of which they should pass 1st time this is important because taking your test too soon or without the correct amount of practice with result in not passing and booking another one which will be a long way away to to the backlog.

It is also very important if you would like to take your test with my car please check at all times with me before booking your practical driving test that I am free to take you, lessons I can rearrange but I may already be booked out on another person driving test and it is not normally possible for me to do two test in one day due to the time it takes to do the test and due to distance of where the pupils live.

Please ensure you keep all booking correspondence with you and bring it to the test center if there are any booking errors this will ensure you get rebooked quickly if it is the fault of the DVSA if it is your fault you would re-book as normal i,e massive delay.

Please also ensure that after checking and confirming practical test dates with me that you must have confirmation from me, pleaseĀ  not all messages arriveĀ 

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